Alex Scott and Jess Glynne: A New Celebrity Power Couple Emerges

From Quiet Beginnings to Exclusive Netflix Premiere Parties - The Love Story Unfolds

The Secret Relationship Blossoms Alex Scott and Jess Glynne

In an exclusive revelation, it has come to light that football pundit and television presenter Alex Scott is in a romantic relationship with the renowned pop star Jess Glynne. This love story has been unfolding quietly for the past two months, with the former England and Arsenal footballer finding a deep connection with the superstar singer.

A Star-Studded Affair at The Twenty Two

Their romance took them on a series of discreet dates before and after the Women’s World Cup. Most notably, the couple was spotted alongside David and Victoria Beckham at an exclusive Netflix documentary premiere after-party hosted at The Twenty Two in West London. This high-profile appearance marked a significant milestone in their budding relationship.

Supporting Each Other Through Shared Passions

A close friend revealed, “Alex and Jess have been a slow burn, and they didn’t want to rush things or go public too soon. But they’re officially an item now and seem really happy. They are both strong, independent women with a shared passion and respect for their respective careers, supporting one another from the sidelines. It’s still early days for them, but they’ve met one another’s mates, and everyone is super-happy for them.”

Jess, 33, and Alex, 38, were seen together side by side in July while enjoying a tennis match at Wimbledon, and their bond has only grown stronger since then. They were later spotted sharing a boozy pub lunch in North West London just before the Women’s World Cup in August. Despite the distance, their connection remained as Alex traveled to Australia to cover the tournament for the BBC, and they reunited upon her return to London.

Jess, known for achieving seven UK No 1 singles, stands as the only British female solo artist with this distinction, while former Lioness Alex currently hosts the BBC’s Football Focus. Notably, Alex has previously written in her memoir about her romance with former teammate Kelly Smith, describing Smith as her first love and revealing her heartbreak following their split.

In contrast, Jess has spoken about her approach to sexuality in a 2015 interview, stating, “I’ve only ever been with one girl, and that’s the girl from my album [2015’s I Cry When I Laugh]. I’m never going to put a label on my sexuality. People should never feel uncomfortable about who they love.”

Despite the growing attention on their relationship, the couple’s representatives have declined to comment, leaving fans and the media eagerly awaiting further developments in this exciting new celebrity love story.

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