Apple iOS 17-When Apple is likely to release iOS 17 for iPhone?

The next version of iOS will feature new features like Standby mode and improvements to apps like Messages when it’s released to the general public, as Apple announced at its June keynote event. As far as the tech giant is concerned, the update will be released in the fall, but it has only stated that it would be released in the fall.

We should expect Apple to release iOS 17 a few days after its September event this year, based on previous Apple events and earlier iOS releases.

When is Apple’s September event?

Currently, we don’t know when the event will take place. But Bloomberg Tech reporter Mark Gurman, who I trust, predicts either Sept. 12 or 13.

Do you think iOS 17 will be released soon after the event?

Although Apple is secretive, it has a a little bit of predictability as well.

There are two key events every year, which Apple has consistently held for more than a decade. Other events will happen in March (see 2022) or October (see 2021), but June and September will remain as regular as clockwork.

As usual, Apple releases iOS 12 five days after the company’s September event (seem familiar?). In 2018, Apple held its event on September 12 (seem familiar?) and released iOS 12 five days later.

Apple has only released the next iOS version eight or nine days after its September event in three years over the past decade — 2019 (after its September event), 2014 (after its event), and 2013.

In the past decade, Apple has also trended downward in the number of days between its September events and its next iOS release. Last year, Apple released iOS 16 five days after the company’s Sept. 7 event, and in 2013, Apple released iOS 7 on Sept. 18, eight days after its Sept. 10 event.

I predict iOS 17 will be released either five or six days following the September event.

What days of the week were past iOS versions released on?

Since Apple started releasing iOS updates around a decade ago, nine of the last 10 iOS versions were released between Monday and Wednesday and one iOS version was released on a Thursday. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays haven’t seen an iOS update released by Apple.

iOS versions are typically released on Wednesdays and Mondays. Four iOS versions have been released on Wednesdays and three have been released on Mondays. Apple also released two iOS versions on Tuesday. Therefore, iOS 17 will likely be released on a Monday or Wednesday.

Look, just tell me when iOS 17 will be released

We get a timeframe of Sept. 17 to 19 if Gurman is right and Apple holds its event on Sept. 12 or 13. Five or six days later, Apple will release iOS 17.

Due to Apple’s tradition of not releasing iOS updates over the weekend, we can rule Sept. 17 this year out. That leaves Sept. 18 as the most likely date for iOS 17.

The iOS 17 OS is likely to be released on September 18 due to Apple’s history of releasing iOS versions on Mondays rather than Tuesdays.

You can read more about Apple’s iOS 17 and download the public beta now if you’re interested.

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