An attack on Titan The Final Season Finale release date has been leaked; Studio MAPPA has yet to confirm it

The second part of Attack on Titan's Final Season is still to come. A new update surrounding the premiere has been released.

There have been a number of reports on the final release date of Attack On Titan The Final Season Finale making the rounds online. There are even claims that the release date has been confirmed for Attack on Titan The Final Season Episode 2 or part 3 Part 2. And this is expected to be the final episode in the series. When the two parts were announced, it was mentioned that part 2 would be released in Fall 2023. Here are the details on the new premiere date leak.

Release date leaked for Attack On Titan The Final Season

According to Attack on Titan Wiki’s official Twitter, now X, page, the release date of the finale was iterated on the poster of the finale. In the past, none of the updates from the page have proven false. Wiki concludes the post with, “Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3 (Part 2) scheduled for release on November 4th.” This one seems less likely to be false since none have in the past.

Wiki there discovered a promo for the anime special in Japan, according to Comicbook. In the meantime, Studio MAPPA has not yet released an official announcement and has not given a green light to the news. The next episode is scheduled for November 4, 2023.

In the manga’s ending, what do you find?

Many fans were divided by Hajime Isayama’s article that concluded Attack on Titan in 2021, resulting in heated debate. Fans created alternative endings and petitioned the author to consider them.

As Eren transforms into a colossal titan in the final chapters, Mikasa plays an important role by beheading him. In response to the destruction caused by Eren’s actions through The Rumbling, she takes Eren’s head for a proper burial. This event leads to the disappearance of titan powers, resulting in Eldians returning to being human again.

Fans, however, did not like the ending because Eren’s character abruptly changed and emotional persuasion was used, which felt unnatural in such a complex series. Character relationships and plot elements also raised concerns. In response to this, fans of the original ending and fans of an alternative fan-made ending called “Attack no Requiem” have argued. We will keep you posted on the finale here.

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