Bharat Mandapam: India’s Grand Exhibition and Convention Center

The IECC New Building Called Bharat Mandapam

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently opened a huge new building called the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Center (IECC). They also named it Bharat Mandapam. This special place cost about Rs 2,700 crore to build. The main goal of this project is to show off India and encourage more businesses to come here.

Special Unveiling: G20 Coin and G20 Stamp

During the big opening event, Prime Minister Modi showed everyone two important things: a G-20 coin and a G-20 stamp. These are like symbols that show how India is becoming more and more important in the world. It’s like saying, “Look, India is a big player in the world of business and diplomacy.”

Largest Place in India For Meetings

The IECC Complex is not small at all. It covers an area as big as about 123 football fields! That makes it the largest place in India for meetings, big parties, conventions, and exhibitions. They even have fancy rooms, lounges, auditoriums, and an amphitheater for big events.

Lots of Seats

In the big halls at the Convention Center, they can fit a whopping seven thousand people! That’s even more seats than the famous Sydney Opera House in Australia. So, it’s a really huge place for important gatherings.

Indian Inspiration

The design of this center was inspired by India’s rich culture. It’s shaped like a conch shell, which is a sign of good luck and spirituality in India. The walls and outside of the building are decorated with art that represents Indian traditions.

Going Solar : Eco- Friendly Hall

One cool thing about the building’s design is that it shows India’s efforts to use solar energy. They have art on the walls that talks about “Surya Shakti,” which means the power of the sun. It shows that India is trying to be more eco-friendly.

Bharat Mandapam Historical Name

They named this place Bharat Mandapam because it’s kind of like a place called Anubhava Mandapam, which was suggested by a famous Indian from history, Lord Basaveshwara. This name means it’s a place where everyone can come together and have gatherings. It’s for everyone to use and enjoy.

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