California Democrats Propose Controversial Bills Affecting Parental Rights

California parents and school board members question Dems’ targeting of parental rights

California is abuzz with debate as several bills proposed by Democrats in the state legislature have raised concerns among parents and school board members. These bills primarily revolve around gender ideology and its potential impact on parental rights. Let’s explore the key bills and the controversies surrounding them.

Parental Acceptance in Custody Cases – A.B. 957

A.B. 957, which passed in California’s upper chamber on August 8th, is causing quite a stir. This bill mandates that judges consider whether parents accept their child’s belief that they are a different gender than their biological one in custody cases. While proponents argue it protects transgender children, critics view it as government overreach, fearing it could label parents as child abusers if they don’t affirm their child’s transgender identity.

The Safe and Supportive Schools Act – A.B. 5

A.B. 5, passed on September 7th, is another contentious bill. It requires teachers to receive training in identifying LGBTQ+ students who may face bullying or lack acceptance at home or in their communities. Critics argue that this diverts resources from essential education and imposes a specific ideology onto students.

Minor Consent for Mental Health Care – A.B. 665

A.B. 665 allows minors, some as young as 12, to consent to mental health care without their parents’ knowledge under specific circumstances. Opponents liken it to state-sanctioned kidnapping and worry about the erosion of parental rights.

Public Awareness and Opposition

Many parents in California communities remain unaware of these bills, and even some Democrats express shock when they learn about them. Concerns are raised that these legislative actions are disconnected from the concerns of voters.

Mandatory LGBTQ+ Materials in Schools – A.B. 1078

A separate bill, A.B. 1078, introduced in February, takes the debate to the classroom. It mandates that schools include LGBTQ+ materials by law and prevents school boards from voting against their use. Critics argue this infringes on local decision-making and constitutes censorship.

As of now, A.B. 957, A.B. 5, A.B. 665, and A.B. 1078 await the signature of Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom. These bills have sparked concerns about their potential impact on parental rights and the education system, igniting a fierce debate on these important issues.

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