Chimelong Spaceship Theme Park: China’s Futuristic Marvel Sets World Records

Chimelong Spaceship Theme Park The Futuristic Wonderland

China has unveiled its remarkable “spaceship city,” the Chimelong Spaceship Theme Park in Zhuhai. This futuristic wonderland has already broken seven world records within just one day of its soft launch, offering visitors an out-of-this-world experience.

The World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park

Hailed as the world’s largest indoor theme park, Chimelong Spaceship Theme Park is poised to welcome over 50,000 guests daily to experience this landmark attraction. With 4,271,783 square feet of space, it promises endless fun for wildlife enthusiasts and space-curious visitors alike.

A Billion-Dollar Extravaganza

This sci-fi-inspired leisure destination has captured the imagination by knocking competitors off the top spot not only for its sheer size but also its cost, a staggering $1.1 billion. The 650-meter long structure eerily resembles an “alien mothership,” now home to over 100,000 underwater creatures.

An Underwater Wonderland

Visitors can get up close and personal with nearly 300 different species inside this flying saucer-like facility. Explore the world’s largest living coral reef exhibit or marvel at the humongous aquarium showcasing exotic sea life. Other record-breaking features include the world’s largest marine science museum, orca exhibition pool, and shark display tank.

Whale Universe and Thrilling Rides

Zhuhai has outdone itself with the colossal fishbowl, originally set at the adjacent Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, housing rare aquatic creatures in 38 different tanks totaling over 16,574,889 gallons of water. The park’s main tank, home to several orcas, generates waves up to 10.5 feet, making it the world’s largest indoor artificial wave pool. Thrill seekers can explore the world’s largest indoor theme park, complete with themed rollercoasters and China’s first real underwater submarine ride, the Deep Sea Submarine.

Bermuda Storm and Beyond

After marveling at the spaceship-inspired architecture, visitors can take their experience to new heights with the world’s largest motion simulator attraction, Bermuda Storm, in the “Universe Paradise.” With a 1,682-square-meter curved screen, up to 304 riders can be wowed by this immersive experience. The park also offers a 5D cinema, educational environmental exhibitions, and a variety of dining options.

Stay in the Future

For a truly immersive experience, check into the 1,250-room Chimelong Spaceship Hotel. This 26-floor tower offers an array of amenities, including restaurants, swimming pools, retail stores, and conference rooms.

What’s Next

Chimelong Spaceship Theme Park is currently in a trial phase, welcoming visitors from local regions. While the official opening date remains unannounced, this decade-long project is set to continue evolving. The second phase, featuring an animal kingdom theme park, mountain park, and cable cars, is set to be completed by 2027. Experience the future at Chimelong Spaceship Theme Park and be a part of history in the making.

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