China Box Office Report: ‘Expendables 4’ Dominates with $11 Million Debut

Expendables 4 Narrowly Takes the Top Spot in the Mainland China Box Office

In a subdued weekend leading up to the National Day holiday season at the end of the month, “Expendables 4” emerged as the leader at the Chinese box office, raking in $10.9 million (RMB78.6 million) during its debut weekend. This latest installment in the “Expendables” franchise features Jason Statham and is notable for its absence of a prominent Chinese star, despite Statham’s presence in the China-U.S. co-production “Meg 2: The Trench.”

Chinese Crime Thriller ‘Dust to Dust’ Holds Strong in Second Week

Dust to Dust Records $10.6 Million in Its Second Week, Despite a 52% Week-On-Week Decline

In its second week of release, the Chinese crime thriller “Dust to Dust” continued to perform well, earning $10.6 million (RMB76.2 million). Despite a 52% decline compared to its opening week, the film has now amassed a total of $44.2 million after ten days in theaters.

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ Maintains Momentum in China

After Three Weeks, ‘Oppenheimer’ Collects $4.3 Million, Surpassing $54 Million in Total Box Office Revenue

“Oppenheimer,” directed by Christopher Nolan, secured the third spot at the Chinese box office with $4.3 million in its third week of release. With a cumulative total of $54.3 million after 17 days in theaters, the film continues to draw audiences in the Middle Kingdom.

Summer Blockbuster ‘No More Bets’ Slips to Fourth Place

Despite Fading to $4.0 Million, ‘No More Bets’ Achieves a Cumulative Total of $527 Million

The summer blockbuster “No More Bets” dropped to fourth place with $4.0 million in earnings. Nevertheless, the film has achieved a remarkable cumulative total of $527 million since its release on August 8.

New Release ‘Tainted Love’ Enters the Top Five with $3.2 Million

‘Tainted Love,’ Starring Zhou Dongyu, Debuts in Fifth Place as a Thriller About Online Scammers

The new release “Tainted Love” entered the top five with $3.2 million in earnings. Starring Zhou Dongyu, the film explores the world of online scammers, particularly those targeting women, a theme shared with “No More Bets.”

Mixed Box Office Performance Reflects Pre-National Day Holiday Lull

National Day Holiday Releases Anticipated as Box Office Totals Reach $42.1 Million

The nationwide box office aggregate for the latest Friday-Sunday weekend amounted to $42.1 million, falling below the yearly average. However, this mid-September lull aligns with the typical pattern seen in pre-COVID years and is attributed to the lack of major releases leading up to the National Day holiday season. A lineup of significant Chinese titles and local franchise films is expected to hit theaters on September 28, officially commencing the holiday celebrations on October 1.

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