Chris Rock’s Counseling Journey After Oscars Altercation

Shocking altercation with Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars

In a recent revelation, Leslie Jones has shed light on her friend Chris Rock’s experience following the shocking altercation with Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars. This unexpected incident took a toll on Rock’s emotional well-being, leading him to seek counseling to cope with the aftermath.

Leslie Jones, who shares a close friendship with Chris Rock, expressed deep concern for him, stating, “It was an incredibly humiliating moment for Chris. It had a profound impact on him, and people should realize that his daughters and parents were watching. He had to undergo counseling with his daughters to navigate through this.”

Witnessing the incident from her home during the Oscars broadcast, Jones further shared her emotions, saying, “I was infuriated when I witnessed that incident live on television. I was so enraged on multiple levels; you can’t even imagine.”

She also highlighted a missed opportunity for reconciliation during the Oscars ceremony. Although Will Smith later won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in “King Richard” and expressed his regret to the Academy and fellow nominees during his acceptance speech, he did not directly apologize to Chris Rock.

The shocking incident occurred in March 2022 after Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife, while presenting the award for Best Documentary Feature. Rock’s comment implied that Pinkett Smith might be starring in a sequel to “G.I. Jane,” referencing her shaved head due to alopecia.

In response, Will Smith took the stage and slapped Chris Rock, passionately declaring, “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth!”

A day later, Smith issued a direct apology to Rock through an Instagram post and later followed up with a video message in July 2022, expressing remorse for his actions.

Consequences followed the incident as Smith announced his resignation from the Academy and received a 10-year ban from attending Academy events. However, he remained eligible for future Oscar nominations and retained the Oscar he won during the 2022 ceremony.

Leslie Jones believes that there was an opportunity for Smith to address the situation during his Oscar acceptance speech. She suggested that he could have said something like, “I shouldn’t have done that. Bring Chris out. I can’t accept this Oscar right now because what I did was wrong.”

Chris Rock, reflecting on the incident, shared his perspective with the audience, saying, “Will Smith displayed selective outrage. He knew what went down, and anyone who truly knows the situation understands that I had no involvement in it. I had no entanglements.”

He continued, “His wife’s actions were far more damaging. The entire world labeled him, and he lashed out at me—a person he knew he could overpower. That’s simply unacceptable.”

Leslie Jones and Chris Rock share a deep bond, with Rock having written the foreword for her new memoir titled “Leslie F*cking Jones.” Their friendship, rooted in the mid-1990s, has been a source of support and guidance for both comedians over the years.

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