David Beckham’s Rare Lamborghini Gallardo Up for Auction

David Beckham’s Lamborghini Gallardo: A Luxury Icon Up for Sale

David Beckham’s prized possession, a Lamborghini Gallardo, is now available for purchase, but only the most elite buyers need apply. The former Three Lions legend acquired this supercar during his stint with Real Madrid in 2004. Remarkably, he held onto the vehicle throughout his tenure with the club, even shipping it back to the UK after he joined LA Galaxy in 2007. By 2008, the car was officially registered at his London address.

Lamborghini gallardo
David Beckham’s Lamborghini Gallardo is up for auction Credit: SWNS

When it was brand new, this stunning automobile cost Beckham approximately £150,000, a figure equivalent to roughly £280,000 in today’s currency, as estimated by Ed Callow of Collecting Cars auctioneers.

Despite the stereotype of football stars as “boy racers,” this Lamborghini Gallardo boasts a mere 4,101 miles on its odometer. However, don’t be fooled by its low mileage; it packs a punch with its five-litre V10 engine, generating just under 500 horsepower and reaching a top speed of 192 mph.

This extraordinary piece of football history is expected to fetch around £130,000 at auction. Ed Callow expressed, “It is ready to be enjoyed as a thrilling and highly engaging weekend toy, and would make a superb addition to a wider assembly of supercars. In this auction, I would not be surprised to see the car make as much as £130,000, given its remarkably low mileage and unbeatable celebrity provenance.”

Act quickly if you’re a car enthusiast with £100,000 to spare, as the auction is set to close tomorrow evening.

Beckham’s Lamborghini Gallardo is just one gem in his extensive £3 million car collection, which includes luxury models from Bentley, Porsche, and Audi. Last month, the football icon even graced the opening of Maserati’s new UK store in a bespoke model he designed himself.

However, one might be surprised to learn that Beckham’s car collection began humbly with his first car, a 1994 VW Golf.

In contrast to the Lamborghini, there are also Del Boy-style Reliant Robins available for sale at a significantly lower price. Furthermore, a classic Jaguar adorned with Swarovski crystals is on the market, though there is a notable catch.

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