Demi Lovato’s ‘Revamped’: Rediscover Classic Hits in a Whole New Light

Rock Versions of Fan Favorites

Demi Lovato : Rocking the Classics

On Friday, September 15th, Demi Lovato dropped a musical bombshell with the release of “Revamped,” an album that breathes new life into their iconic tracks, transforming them into powerful rock anthems.

Demi Lovato’s musical journey has been marked by chart-toppers like “Heart Attack,” “Sorry Not Sorry,” and fan favorites such as “La La Land” and “Tell Me You Love Me.” With “Revamped,” these songs receive a thrilling makeover, with amplified guitars and Lovato’s signature powerful vocals. In an interview with Billboard, Lovato expressed their excitement, stating, “It just feels really good. I’m really proud of the work we did, and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the songs.”


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A Reignited Passion

“Revamped” rekindled Demi Lovato’s enthusiasm for their own music. Lovato revealed, “It reignited my enthusiasm for those songs. For instance, I became really tired of performing ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ live because it had been in my catalog for so many years and did not really reflect my voice anymore. When I went more R&B-pop, I still couldn’t find the sound I was looking for, since it was so pop. When we put together the rock version, I suddenly had a great time performing it on stage.”

Taking the Stage

In a dazzling performance at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, the 30-year-old singer showcased her electrifying rock renditions, including “Heart Attack,” “Sorry Not Sorry,” and “Cool for the Summer,” leaving the audience in awe.

A Musical Evolution

Demi Lovato’s journey into the rock genre began with their 2022 album, “Holy Fvck,” which introduced their rock musical abilities to fans. The album soared to No. 7 on the all-genre Billboard 200 albums chart and claimed the top spot on the Billboard Hot Rock Albums chart. With “Revamped,” Lovato continues to push the boundaries of their musical artistry, delivering a fresh and thrilling perspective on their beloved hits.

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