Disturbing Incident Unveiled: Tenant Arrested for Threatening Behavior at Luxury Complex

Tenant’s Disturbing Behavior Raises Safety Concerns

In a chilling turn of events, a tenant’s alarming behavior at a luxury apartment complex near Portland has led to his arrest. The tenant, identified as Austin, stands accused of issuing death threats and engaging in menacing behavior towards fellow residents. The incident has raised questions about tenant safety and the response of both the property management and law enforcement.

Timeline of Troubling Behavior

The ordeal began in June when Austin allegedly began making disturbing threats and using hate-filled language towards his neighbors. These threats included ominous statements such as “You’re about to get murdered” and disturbing remarks about slavery. Austin’s neighbors, Nubrittany Smith and her elderly mother Tasha, endured this behavior for months, prompting them to file a restraining order against him.

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Despite numerous complaints and evidence captured on their Ring Security Camera showing Austin’s escalating conduct, no action was taken until September. It was only then that management at The Landings at Morrison notified Austin of his eviction due to violations of his rental agreement, which stipulated eviction within 24 hours for threatening another tenant.

Property Management’s Delayed Response

Shockingly, an eviction notice was handed to Austin nearly two weeks after management’s initial warning, giving him ample time to continue harassing Smith and her mother. The family had already filed their first formal complaint against Austin on June 30, yet it took months for the situation to be addressed.

In a GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising funds for relocation, Smith claimed that Austin had been displaying concerning behavior since June 29. She described his repeated visits while holding a knife and beating on their door. Despite her pleas for assistance, the property management declined to provide alternative accommodations or ensure their safety.

Arrest and Ongoing Investigations

It was only after KOIN, a local news outlet, exposed Austin’s alleged pattern of abuse that the property management issued an order to vacate. This move came after Austin had been hit with multiple warnings and a stalking protection order filed against him by another tenant on August 23.

Austin’s arrest followed these developments, with charges including violating protection orders and menacing, which is considered a felony. However, concerns remain about his potential release and the safety of the victims.

Nubrittany Smith has retained legal counsel, accusing the apartment complex of failing to protect its tenants by allowing Austin’s behavior to persist unchecked. She emphasized the importance of addressing her concerns, stating, “I don’t feel safe because he’s in jail today… I don’t know what tomorrow is going to be.”

Her lawyer echoed these concerns, highlighting the failure of both law enforcement and the complex management to act promptly. Gresham police responded to the situation, acknowledging the hate-motivated conduct and the ongoing investigation. They pledged to work with the district attorney’s office to ensure appropriate charges are filed.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of tenant safety and the need for timely and effective responses to threats and harassment within residential communities.

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