Dog Behaviors : These 12 Behaviors Are Signs That Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You Something

The act of whining or whimpering

A person may exhibit this behavior because of discomfort, anxiety, or a plea for attention. To understand the cause, it’s important to observe the context.

Bringing their toys to you

Bringing a toy to you may be an invitation to play or an opportunity for your dog to share their favorite toy with you.

When a dog barks at a window or door

The dog will usually make this noise when he or she sees or hears something unusual and wants to alert you or express their territorial instincts.


The gentle nudge may indicate affection, request attention, or simply signal that dinner is on its way.
Showing their belly by rolling over As well as indicating trust, this submissive gesture can also serve as an invitation to rub your belly.

Walking back and forth

The act of pacing can indicate nervousness, anxiety, or anticipation, especially if a walk or meal is to be anticipated.

Yawning or licking their lips

Lip licking or yawning frequently can indicate stress or discomfort, but they can also be signs of relaxation.

Paws up

You can interpret this classic “pointer” behavior as a sign that they are focused, but you can also interpret it as a sign they are seeking your assistance.

Heads tilted

In many cases, this cute gesture indicates that the baby is trying to understand or concentrate on a sound, or they are showing curiosity about what you are doing.

Avoiding eye contact or hiding from it

Dogs that hide or avoid you suddenly might be feeling guilty, scared, or ill.

Digging or scratching at the floor

In some cases, this is an instinctual response, but if it is performed excessively, it might indicate a need for more exercise or discomfort.

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