Edinburgh Playground Horror: Boy Mauled by Dog Sparks Safety Concerns

Terrifying Edinburgh Playground Incident: Child Mauled by Dog

In a shocking turn of events on a seemingly ordinary day, a seven-year-old boy named Reece Munro found himself in a nightmare scenario when he was viciously attacked by a pitbull-type dog while playing with his friends in an Edinburgh playground. The incident, which occurred on October 12, has left the young boy scarred and his family deeply concerned about their safety.

The Playground Horror

Reece was enjoying a day out with his pals and his mother, Cheryl, when tragedy struck. The family, who have lived in the area for 13 years, had never experienced anything of this magnitude before. Cheryl described the terrifying ordeal, stating, “This is a big, scary-looking dog, and it is quite old as well. People in the area have told me they are aware of the dog. Now I don’t even feel safe allowing my boys into our garden, but I really don’t want them to be frightened after this.”

Edinburgh Playground
Reece suffered a number of “scarring wounds” Credit: ALAN SIMPSON

The dog’s owner was seen entering the park with the dog on a lead. However, things took a drastic turn as Reece and his friends began running when the dog suddenly started to chase them. In a heart-wrenching moment, the dog latched onto the young boy, causing him to fall to the ground.

Authorities Step In

Following this horrific incident, both Police Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Council have launched an investigation into the dog attack. A police spokesperson issued the following statement: “We were made aware of a child having been bitten by a dog around 3:30 pm on October 12 in the Craigentinny area of Edinburgh. The child received treatment for injuries sustained in the incident. The dog warden has been notified, and inquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances.”

This disturbing occurrence has raised concerns about the safety of children and families in the local community, sparking discussions about responsible pet ownership and the need for stringent regulations.

As the investigation continues, Reece Munro’s family hopes for justice and a swift resolution to ensure that such a terrifying event does not happen to any other child in the future.

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