Embracing Self-Love: My £10,000 Solo Wedding Journey

Self-Love : The Dream That Became a Reality

Like many little girls, Sarah Wilkinson had always dreamed of a fairytale wedding with her Prince Charming by her side. However, when reality set in, and Mr. Right seemed elusive, Sarah decided to take matters into her own hands. She embarked on a unique journey, spending £10,000 to marry herself and become her own “knight in shining armor.”

A Wedding of Self-Love and Independence

Sarah’s solo wedding was a testament to self-love and independence. She purchased a diamond engagement ring for herself, and her wedding invitations humorously declared, “groom not included.” Her cake topper featured a bride kissing a frog, and instead of tossing a bouquet, she playfully threw a fake champagne bottle. Sarah even celebrated with both a stag night and a hen party.

A Day of Dreams Come True

Surrounded by 40 close friends and family members, Sarah walked down the aisle with her mother, Barbara Glanfield, by her side. An additional 80 guests joined them for the evening reception. Sarah described the day as everything she had hoped for, emphasizing that she didn’t miss having a man by her side.

The Quest for Mr. Right

Sarah’s unconventional journey into self-marriage came after a decade of searching for Mr. Right. Her attempts at internet dating left her disheartened, with experiences that ranged from comical to frustrating. Despite the challenges, Sarah never gave up on the idea of marriage.

An Act of Self-Love

As the years passed, Sarah realized that her dream of a traditional marriage might not materialize. However, she chose to marry herself as an act of self-love and self-care. This trend, sweeping across America, empowers individuals to prioritize their own happiness and fulfillment.

A Ring of Dreams

During the most recent Covid lockdown, Sarah decided to take a bold step. She purchased the engagement ring she had always envisioned—a 1.1-carat solitaire diamond. It was a symbol of her commitment to herself and a reminder of her journey of self-love.

Planning the Unconventional Wedding

Initially, Sarah had no plans to hold a wedding ceremony. However, after wearing her engagement ring for a few months, she reconsidered. She decided to go all out and plan the “whole shebang.” With the support of friends, Sarah began organizing her wedding in January.

A Journey to Self-Discovery

Sarah embarked on a journey of self-discovery, shedding a stone in preparation for her special day. Through smaller portion sizes and a fitness regimen that included a weighted exercise hoop, swimming, and zumba classes, she transformed herself for the occasion.

The Perfect Dress

Like any bride, Sarah searched for the perfect wedding dress. Although some boutique owners were initially taken aback by her solo wedding concept, she eventually found the dress of her dreams—a sparkly gown that fulfilled her childhood fantasies.

A Purple-Themed Celebration

Sarah enlisted the help of a wedding planner and events company to create a purple-themed celebration. The Grade II-listed Harvest House mansion in Felixstowe served as the picturesque backdrop for her solo wedding. As Sarah arrived, she adhered to the bridal tradition of being fashionably late, receiving a warm welcome from her eager guests.

Breaking Traditions with Joy

Walking down the aisle to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri and exiting to “This Is Me” from the film The Greatest Showman, Sarah and her guests joyfully smashed open a pinata disguised as her wedding cake. Instead of a traditional bouquet, guests tried to catch a dog chew shaped like a champagne bottle.

Self love
Sarah, a credit control assistant, had her friends Carina and Kelly as bridesmaids Credit: JOHN MCLELLAN


A Mother’s Perspective

Sarah’s mother, Barbara, who had eagerly supported the unconventional wedding, expressed her enjoyment in helping organize the event. She cherished her role as the mother of the bride, even without the presence of a groom.

Celebrating Self-Love

Sarah’s solo wedding was a celebration of self-love, independence, and the pursuit of happiness. It served as a reminder that one can find fulfillment without relying on anyone else for their joy and contentment.

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