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Fact-Checking Donald Trump’s False Claims on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's False Claims on NBC's 'Meet the Press. Image : Reuters

Former President Donald Trump recently appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and made several false claims, ranging from election lies to policy matters. Here, we provide a detailed fact-check of 14 of his false statements, shedding light on the accuracy of his assertions.

The False Claim of Infanticide

Trump inaccurately claimed that some states, including New York, allow killing a child after birth. This statement is entirely false. No state permits infanticide, and New York’s abortion law does not legalize post-birth murder.

Misrepresentation of Brad Raffensperger’s Comments

Trump falsely asserted that Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State, stated that Trump did nothing wrong regarding the January 2021 phone call. Raffensperger has been critical of Trump’s behavior on the call and never made such a statement.

Inaccurate Description of The New York Times Article

Trump inaccurately described a New York Times article about presidential records. The article did not suggest that the only way to obtain documents from a president is by asking politely. The Justice Department enforces laws governing presidential documents, and the Times article clarified this fact.

False Claims About Joe Biden

While criticizing President Joe Biden for alleged lies, Trump himself made a false claim by suggesting Biden had claimed to have flown airplanes. Biden never made such a statement. Trump also inaccurately represented Biden’s visit to the World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks.

Denying a Statement He Made About Drug Cartels

Trump denied making a statement about using special forces against drug cartels if elected. However, he made this statement in a video released in January, where he pledged to use special forces to combat drug cartels.

Inaccurate Assessment of News Coverage on Ukraine War

Trump falsely claimed that news outlets were no longer reporting on the Ukraine war. In reality, news organizations, including CNN, continue to provide extensive coverage of the conflict.

Misleading Statements About the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Trump claimed he played a significant role in filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but this is untrue. The reserve contained fewer barrels of crude oil when he left office than when he took office. Additionally, he incorrectly asserted that the reserve is now empty, which is far from accurate.

Exaggeration of the National Debt

Trump exaggerated the national debt, stating it was $35 trillion when it’s closer to $33 trillion. While a large figure, accuracy is essential in such matters.

Inaccurate Price Increase for Bacon

Trump claimed that the price of bacon had increased fivefold, which is grossly inaccurate. While bacon prices have risen, the actual increase is far less than what he suggested.

Overstatement of Military Equipment Left to the Taliban

Trump exaggerated the value of military equipment left to the Taliban during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. The estimate is around $7.1 billion, not $85 billion as he claimed.

Misleading Claims About Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Trump wrongly asserted that he stopped the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and that few people had heard of it before his involvement. The pipeline construction continued during his presidency, and awareness of it existed long before he discussed it.

False Blame on Nancy Pelosi for January 6th Riot

Trump repeatedly tried to blame Nancy Pelosi for the January 6th Capitol riot, claiming she rejected 10,000 National Guard troops. These claims are entirely false. Pelosi was not in charge of Capitol security, and there is no evidence she rejected any such offer. Furthermore, Trump’s involvement in deploying National Guard troops was minimal.

Incorrect Attribution of Biden’s Indictments

Trump inaccurately attributed the four indictments against him as “Biden indictments.” There is no evidence that Biden personally directed or influenced these indictments; they resulted from grand juries and legal processes.

Unsubstantiated Claims of Election Rigging

Trump continued to assert that the 2020 election was rigged against him. However, multiple audits and investigations have found no evidence of widespread fraud, and he lost the election fairly.

Fact-checking is essential in ensuring accurate information reaches the public, especially from high-profile figures like former President Donald Trump. It’s crucial to rely on verified facts when discussing significant events and issues.

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