Fans spot signs of possible collaboration between Stray Kids Hyunjin and Troye Sivan

Fans of Stray Kids, commonly referred to as STAYs, have been buzzing with excitement over the possibility of a collaboration between Australian singer-songwriter and actor Troye Sivan and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. The speculation stems from intriguing hints dropped by the artists themselves and interactions observed on social media.

Origins of the Speculation

The seeds of speculation were sown when Troye Sivan shared a TikTok video expressing his desire to collaborate with Hyunjin. In the video, Sivan featured a clip of himself alongside a fancam of Hyunjin’s dance performance, stating his admiration for the Stray Kids member. This initial interaction caught the attention of fans and set the stage for further developments.

Chance Encounters and Teasing Interactions

The speculation gained momentum when Sivan and Hyunjin crossed paths at the Dua Lipa x Versace’s La Vacanza 2023 Fashion Show in May. They were spotted chatting, sitting together, and even sharing pictures. Sivan shared their interaction on his Instagram, fueling fans’ excitement. Later, Sivan reposted a fan edit of Hyunjin on TikTok, humorously asking if anyone knew how to contact him. This playful exchange prompted playful suggestions from fans that Sivan might have a subscription to Hyunjin’s “bubble,” a platform for interacting with K-Pop idols.

Despite receiving death threats after publicly expressing his interest in a K-Pop star, Sivan’s interest in collaborating with Hyunjin remained apparent. Fans noted Sivan’s positive response to questions about the potential collaboration, showing his genuine enthusiasm.

Linking the Dots: Troye Sivan’s “Rush” Remix

English singer PinkPantheress announced her collaboration with Sivan on the “Rush” remix, which set the stage for even more speculation. The intriguing part was her recent following of Stray Kids’ Hyunjin on Instagram. This small gesture ignited a flurry of rumors about a possible trio collaboration. Sivan’s response to questions about collaborating with Hyunjin further fueled the excitement, with his positive remarks indicating he’d be up for it.

Clues and Theories

Fans began weaving theories based on Sivan’s past actions. Notably, Sivan employed a similar pattern when he announced PinkPantheress’ collaboration. He featured her song in a TikTok video and shared his desire to work with her. Some fans even claimed to have caught a brief snippet of Hyunjin’s voice at the end of PinkPantheress’ announcement video.

Adding to the intrigue, producer Zhone, who has worked on “Rush,” started following Hyunjin on Instagram. This action sparked speculation that the trio collaboration might indeed be in the works.

Anticipation and Awaited Announcement

As these speculations and theories continue to circulate on social media platforms, fans eagerly anticipate an official announcement confirming the collaboration between Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Troye Sivan. The Stray Kids community is on the edge of their seats, hopeful that the intriguing hints will soon culminate in a remarkable musical collaboration.

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