Adam Sandler’s daughter, Sunny, had her special bat mitzvah party one year before she became the main actor in her dad’s new movie.

Sunny Sandler, who is the youngest daughter of the actor from the movie “Happy Gilmore,” had her own real bat mitzvah event last year. This event is a big deal for Jewish girls when they turn 12 or 13. Her bat mitzvah was a big celebration in Los Angeles, and many famous people came, like Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Lautner, David Spade, and Peyton List. Videos and pictures from the event were shared on social media by the guests.

Adam Sandler plays Sunny’s dad In Happy Gilmore

Now, Sunny is acting in her dad’s movie called “You Are So Not Invited to my Bat Mitzvah.” In this movie, Adam Sandler plays Sunny’s dad, her real sister Sadie plays her sister, and her mom, Jackie, plays the mom of Sunny’s best friend Lydia. The movie is based on a book and it’s about Sunny’s character, Stacy, and her friend Lydia, who want to have amazing bat mitzvahs. But things get complicated when a popular boy at their school causes problems between them.

The movie is funny and has a lot of emotions, just like other Adam Sandler movies. It’s also a bit about growing up and dealing with teenager problems. Sunny’s family is in the movie too, and it’s like destiny (the Yiddish word for “destined”) that she would star in a movie about bat mitzvahs just a year after her own special celebration.

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