Haunted Custody Battle: Ex-Ghostbusters Fight Over Paranormal Possessions

Dead Romance: When the love for the supernatural turns into a chilling custody battle.

Ghostbusters : The Ghostly Beginning

In a tale stranger than fiction, Lee Steer, 37, and Linzi, 53, former ghostbusters who once explored Britain’s most haunted sites together, are now locked in a bitter dispute over their otherworldly possessions.

Their eerie journey began when they met in late 2016 and embarked on Project Reveal: Ghosts of Britain. With more than two million followers on Facebook, they quickly became paranormal sensations. Over seven years, they accumulated a trove of “possessed” items from across the globe, penned books, and captured the fascination of an online audience.

The Haunting Split

However, love’s supernatural journey took a dark turn when their marriage crumbled earlier this month. Now, they are waging war over the custody of eerie dolls, cryptic paintings, and, incredibly, a human skeleton, all of which were once displayed at their museum in Rotherham, South Yorks, now closed.

Lee Steer took possession of the three haunted dolls—Annabelle, Elizabeth, and Scarlet, leading to Linzi changing the locks to safeguard the rest. Linzi passionately expressed, “The things in there might not be worth money, but they’re very precious to me. We’ve got things from all over the world, things that people send us—whether it’s a tiny stone or a huge item, I really cherish everything.”

The Ghosting Accusation

Adding an extra layer of the supernatural, Linzi has accused Lee of “ghosting” her in the aftermath of their split. She lamented, “I have tried many times to have a conversation with him, but he ignores my texts. I sent him messages on Messenger, and he blocked me. I’ve had no communication whatsoever. It’s like he’s just written me off altogether. I wasn’t the reason my marriage broke down. It was a shock when he walked out with no explanation.”

Lee, who has spent 25 years as a ghost hunter, defends his actions, stating, “We split up, and all of my ghost-hunting equipment was taken from me. I thought if I couldn’t access the equipment, I wanted to take the dolls. I wanted what’s mine. It’s very sad a marriage break-up is causing so much unnecessary chaos that could be avoided easily. Hopefully, things will work out in the future in terms of who has what. They’re priceless items to me.”

In the wake of a love that once thrived on the supernatural, this haunted custody battle serves as a chilling reminder that even the most extraordinary love stories can take eerie turns.

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