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Serena Williams : A Lifelong Legal Saga

In a prolonged legal saga, Lakeisha Williams, stepmother to tennis legend Serena Williams, finds herself embroiled in a bankruptcy battle over Serena’s cherished childhood home in Palm Beach, Florida. This ongoing drama took an unexpected turn when a judge issued a ruling regarding Lakeisha’s repayment plan, granting her a temporary reprieve.

Debt Accumulation and Fraud Allegations

Lakeisha Williams had accumulated a substantial debt, amounting to over $620,000, due to her attempts to retain the four-bedroom home she allegedly took from her estranged husband, “King Richard.” It is alleged that Lakeisha fraudulently obtained a loan of $279,000 from “hard lender” David Simon by falsifying Richard’s signature on the property’s title deeds. Regrettably, the funds were mismanaged, primarily spent on a failed trucking business, fast food, and frivolous expenses, according to court documents.


Struggling to Repay

Despite court-ordered repayment plans, Lakeisha struggled to meet her obligations, leading to mounting interest and attorney fees. Over the past 17 months, she managed to repay $171,486, falling short of the plan by $13,197, as reported by The U.S. Sun in August. Lakeisha’s lawyer, Elias Dsouza, argued that these shortcomings were honest mistakes, emphasizing her status as a single mother who relies on others for financial guidance.

The Modified Repayment Plan

In response to Dsouza’s request, the U.S. bankruptcy court approved a modification to Lakeisha’s repayment plan. Under the modified plan, she would pay $9,161 for 18 months, followed by a single payment of $13,308, and then $12,731 for the subsequent 41 months. However, Judge Mindy Mora cautioned Lakeisha that failure to adhere to the plan could result in her losing the cherished home.

A Tumultuous Divorce

These legal proceedings unfold against the backdrop of a protracted divorce between Lakeisha and Richard, a divorce that has lingered for six years. While Richard has expressed his desire to proceed with the divorce, Lakeisha has shown signs of wanting to reconcile, as indicated by her social media posts portraying family outings.

Elder Abuse Allegations

Richard and his son, Chavoita Lesane, who has power of attorney over his father, have made startling claims of elder abuse against Lakeisha. They allege that her fraud extends to cashing Richard’s social security checks and stealing his vehicles, including a Mercedes, a bus, and a motorcycle. The situation has been marked by frustration and complexity, with Chavoita stating, “This whole situation has been frustrating.”

The unfolding drama surrounding Serena Williams’ stepmother’s bankruptcy battle and the contentious divorce continues to captivate public attention, as the legal saga shows no sign of reaching a swift resolution.

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