Japanese Spitz puppy : Woman’s Surprise: From ‘Puppy’ to Fox Cub – A Shocking Discovery

A Paw-some Surprise: The Unbelievable Revelation about Ms. Wang’s Japanese Spitz puppy

In a bizarre turn of events, Ms. Wang from Jinzhong, China’s Shanxi province, had an astonishing revelation about her beloved pet. What she believed to be a Japanese Spitz puppy turned out to be something entirely different, leaving her in utter shock.

The Unusual Journey

Ms. Wang initially paid £140 for what she believed was a Japanese Spitz puppy. However, she began to notice peculiar signs that made her question the true identity of her pet. At just three months old, the “puppy” stopped eating dog food altogether, despite her efforts to feed it fruit and chicken breasts.

Adding to her suspicions, the pet never barked, and its fur grew thicker, while its tail became longer than that of a typical dog. These unusual behaviors left Ms. Wang bewildered.

The Unexpected Revelation

Image : shanxi TV

The truth behind her “puppy” was eventually revealed when she sought advice from Sun Letian, an expert in animal epidemic prevention at Taiyuan Zoo. Mr. Sun confirmed that Ms. Wang’s pet was, in fact, a fox cub.

“Based on the size, it is a domesticated fox,” he stated, noting that foxes carry a distinct smell in their bodies that becomes more pronounced as they age.

The white-coated fox, which currently measures 12 inches, is expected to grow even larger in the future.

A Surprising Purchase

Ms. Wang purchased the fox cub from a pet shop in July of the previous year. As the fox matured, its appearance changed significantly. Its fur became thicker, its face grew more pointed, and its tail elongated, resembling that of a fox rather than a dog.

Before Ms. Wang discovered the truth, local parkgoers had already informed her that her “puppy” was, in fact, a fox. This revelation led her to walk the animal on a leash to avoid unsettling other pet dogs.

A Heartfelt Decision

In light of the shocking discovery, Ms. Wang made the compassionate choice to surrender her pet to the zoo, where it could receive a more suitable diet and a better living environment. The fox will undergo a month-long quarantine before being placed in an enclosure, subject to approval.

Mr. Sun, the animal expert, extended an invitation to Ms. Wang, saying, “If you miss it, come by and have a visit.”

Ms. Wang’s story isn’t unique, as others have accidentally acquired fox cubs, only to realize the truth as the animals grew and displayed their unmistakable fox-like characteristics. A video posted on TikTok even captured one man’s surprise as his “puppy” transformed into a bright orange, bushy-tailed fox cub, proving that sometimes, appearances can be truly deceiving.

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