Meghan Markle Withdraws ‘Archetypes’ Podcast Trademark

Meghan Markle : A Request for Withdrawal

Meghan Markle, the former Duchess of Sussex, has officially withdrawn her trademark application for the defunct podcast “Archetypes.” This move comes months after Spotify dropped the show, and it marks the latest development in the ongoing saga surrounding her podcasting venture.

The request to withdraw the trademark application was submitted by Meghan Markle to the US Patent and Trademark Office, as confirmed by the office’s records. This decision underscores the challenges and setbacks faced by the podcast project.

The Spotify Fallout

Meghan’s podcasting journey took a significant hit when her multi-million dollar Spotify deal fell through in June. This unexpected turn of events led to the cancellation of the second season of her award-winning podcast.

During its initial run, the “Archetypes” podcast, hosted by the former Suits actress, featured one season consisting of 12 episodes. The show attracted special guests, including notable figures like Mindy Kaling and Serena Williams. Markle’s podcasting effort earned her a People’s Choice Award.

Spotify’s Reaction

The dissolution of the Spotify deal did not go unnoticed, and Spotify’s Head of Global Sports Strategy, Bill Simmons, publicly expressed his frustration, referring to the ex-royals as “f–king grifters” and labeling them as “lazy.” These comments added to the controversy surrounding the podcast and its creators.

Content Production Concerns

It was also reported that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did not produce enough content to fulfill the expectations of their lucrative $20 million deal signed in 2020. This shortfall in content production likely contributed to the fallout between the streaming giant and the royal couple.

In a joint statement issued to The Post in June, Spotify and Archewell Audio, the couple’s production company, announced their mutual agreement to part ways, stating that they were “proud of the series we made together.” The statement marked the official end of their podcasting collaboration.

Meghan Markle’s decision to withdraw the trademark application for “Archetypes” reflects the challenges and complications encountered during her brief but impactful foray into podcasting. The fallout with Spotify and the subsequent cancellation of the podcast’s second season mark a significant chapter in the evolving media ventures of the former Duchess.

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