Miraculous Rescue: Abducted Nine-Year-Old Found Safe After Ransom Note Leads to Suspect’s Arrest

Craig Ross Jr. Arrested in the Abduction Case of nine-year-old Charlotte Sena”

In a dramatic turn of events, the abduction case of nine-year-old Charlotte Sena has taken a miraculous twist. Craig Ross Jr., a 47-year-old suspect, has been apprehended by law enforcement after allegedly leaving a ransom note in the girl’s parents’ mailbox. Here is the astonishing story of Charlotte’s rescue and the arrest that followed.

The Abduction and Rescue

Charlotte Sena had gone missing while riding her bike at Moreau Lake State Park in Saratoga County, located just 48 minutes north of Albany, New York’s capital. A frantic search effort lasting over two days ensued, leaving her family and the community deeply worried.

The breakthrough in the case occurred when, at 4:20 am on Monday, a man approached the Sena family home, which was under police surveillance. He left a ransom note in their mailbox, unknowingly leaving behind a crucial piece of evidence – his fingerprints.

A Fingerprint Leads to the Suspect

Forensic analysis revealed that one of the fingerprints on the ransom note matched those of Craig Ross Jr. A prior DWI arrest from 1999 provided authorities with an address where the suspect was residing.

A Miraculous Discovery

Law enforcement swiftly moved to the location and discovered Ross Jr. living in a camper behind the home. Moments later, to everyone’s relief, Charlotte Sena was found hidden in a cabinet, safe and unharmed.

“The little girl was found in a cabinet, covered,” Governor Kathy Hochul revealed. “She knew that she was being rescued. She knew that she was in safe hands. Her parents were immediately notified at 6.32 pm.”

The Arrest and Pending Charges

While there is no confirmation of charges as of yet, Governor Hochul stated that charges are “fully expected.” Notably, it has been confirmed that Craig Ross Jr. is not a registered sex offender.

Community Effort and Relief

Governor Hochul expressed her gratitude to the first responders and the entire community for their collective efforts that led to Charlotte’s safe return. “Tonight our prayers have been answered,” she said.

The Sena family’s ordeal took place in the Southeast corner of Moreau Lake State Park, specifically in a campground area known as Loop A. Charlotte had been biking with other children at the campsite on Saturday night before deciding to take one more ride alone. Her parents, David and Trisha Sena, became alarmed when she didn’t return home, and they initiated the search.

The search for Charlotte Sena mobilized over 400 individuals, including state and local police, forest rangers, local volunteer firefighters, and private search and rescue groups. An Amber Alert was issued by New York State Police, but it was thankfully canceled upon Charlotte’s discovery.

Governor Hochul aptly described the ordeal as “every parent’s worst nightmare.” However, the story ultimately unfolded as a testament to hope, resilience, and the power of community effort.

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