Molly Qerim’s Stylish Departure from ESPN Studios

Molly Qerim : A Glamorous Exit

Molly Qerim, the beloved host of ESPN’s First Take, was a vision of style and glamour as she left the network’s New York City studios. The 39-year-old sports media star turned heads in a chic black outfit that left a lasting impression.

After wrapping up Tuesday’s edition of First Take, Molly Qerim exited the office with all eyes on her. Her confident smile and impeccable fashion sense made her stand out in the bustling city.

The Black Ensemble

Molly donned a long, elegant black leather coat that perfectly complemented her matching knee-high boots. Her choice of attire showcased her impeccable fashion taste, making a statement that she’s not just a sports expert but a style icon as well.

A Familiar Face by Her Side

Walking alongside Molly was Evan Cohen, the co-host of ESPN Radio’s signature morning show. Their camaraderie off-screen is a testament to the close-knit ESPN family.

Star-Studded First Take Episode

Tuesday’s episode of First Take was nothing short of spectacular, featuring an impressive lineup of sports experts.

Joining Forces

Molly Qerim was joined by her partner in crime, Stephen A. Smith, and the legendary Shannon Sharpe. The chemistry among the trio is undeniable, even if Sharpe was joining from Los Angeles via video call.

A Special Guest

Adding to the excitement, Jeff Saturday, who returned to ESPN at the beginning of the NFL season, made a special appearance on the show.

The Talk of the Show

Throughout the episode, cell phones took center stage, leading to some playful banter among the hosts.

  • The Phone Dilemma: As Molly introduced First Take and greeted Stephen A., he couldn’t resist glancing at his phone. Molly humorously remarked, “Time to put the text down, I’m talking to you. No screens at the table.”
  • Stephen A.’s Retort: Stephen A. replied, “Excuse me, this is coming from the woman who’s eating one minute, drinking something the next—all while talking. But I have to give you eye contact? Your phone is dinging every three minutes.”
  • Molly’s Playful Defense: Molly shot back, “I’m popular!”
  • An Unexpected Interruption: Later in the show, Molly’s phone vibrated live on air, prompting Stephen A. to announce, “Her phone is going off again!” Sharpe, chiming in from Los Angeles, added, “Who is ringing you, Molly? Surely they know you’re at work?”

What’s Next on First Take

While Shannon Sharpe’s week on First Take has come to an end, fans can eagerly anticipate his return next week. The show continues to provide in-depth sports analysis and entertaining banter, discussing the latest in the world of sports, including Week 6 of the NFL.

Don’t miss First Take, airing live Monday through Friday from 10 AM to noon ET on ESPN.

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