Mysterious Death of Actress Sabine Boghici

Tragic End of Brazilian Actress Sabine Boghici

In a shocking turn of events, Brazilian actress Sabine Boghici, 49, who had been under investigation for her alleged involvement in a scam, met a tragic end by falling from a fifth-floor balcony in Rio de Janeiro. The circumstances surrounding her death, which occurred on September 14, have left authorities puzzled, with theories ranging from accident to suicide.

Investigation and Scandal Unfold

Sabine Boghici had been the subject of a high-profile investigation related to an alleged scam, which had also ensnared her wife, Rosa Stanesco Nicolau, currently incarcerated for her alleged role in the scandal. The investigation, which began last August, centered on allegations that Sabine and Rosa had scammed Sabine’s mother, Genevieve, out of a staggering £120 million in cash, artwork, and jewelry.

According to investigators, the intricate scam involved Sabine plotting against her mother in 2020 by paying a woman to impersonate a psychic. This woman approached Genevieve on the street, warning her of her daughter’s impending demise. Subsequently, two other women posed as a fortune teller and a priestess, suggesting that Genevieve pay for “spiritual work” to save Sabine’s life. Believing her daughter’s life was in danger, Genevieve began making regular transfers to these women.

However, by February, Genevieve began to suspect she was being conned and ceased making the payments. It was at this point that the alleged scam started to unravel. Authorities accused Sabine of stealing 16 paintings valued at £118 million from her late father’s art collection, which included works by renowned artists such as Tarsila do Amaral and Emiliano Di Cavalcanti. The scam also involved the misappropriation of nearly £1 million worth of jewelry and £2.2 million in payments.

Tragic Conclusion

Sabine’s life took a dramatic turn as she faced the legal consequences of her alleged actions. She was released on bail in March, awaiting further developments in the case. Both Sabine and her wife, Rosa, were scheduled to attend a court hearing, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding saga.

In the midst of these investigations and legal proceedings, the tragic incident occurred on September 14, when Sabine Boghici was discovered outside her apartment after falling from a fifth-floor balcony. Despite being rushed to the hospital, she succumbed to her injuries, leaving behind a series of unanswered questions.

As authorities delve into the circumstances surrounding Sabine’s death, the scandal and investigation continue to captivate public attention, leaving many wondering about the true nature of events leading up to this shocking and mysterious conclusion.

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