New Delhi G20 Leaders Summit Declaration

India's Leadership on the Global Stage

G20 has officially embraced the New Delhi G20 Leaders Summit Declaration

On Saturday, September 9, during the opening day of the G-20 summit, India proudly unveiled the adoption of the G20 Leaders Summit Declaration. Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of this achievement, underlining that with unanimous consent among member countries, the G20 Summit 2023 has officially embraced the New Delhi Leaders Summit Declaration.

A Voice for the ‘Global South’

Empowering Developing Nations

India has declared that the New Delhi Leaders Declaration will serve as the voice of the ‘Global South’ and all developing countries. The term ‘Global South’ is typically used to denote economically less developed nations.

Key Highlights of the 37-Page Declaration

 Commitments and Pledges

Let’s delve into the crucial aspects of the 37-page New Delhi Declaration:

Building a Better Future

The New Delhi manifesto emphasizes the opportunity to create a brighter future, where no country should be forced to choose between combating poverty and protecting the planet.

G20 Leader Summit Declaration
Image source : Mygov India ( Twitter)

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

G20 members are dedicated to narrowing the gender gap and promoting women’s full, equal, and effective participation in the economy as decision-makers.

Enhancing Business Environment

G20 nations commit to collaborating with the private sector to facilitate ease of doing business and reduce associated costs.

Ukraine Conflict Resolution

The Declaration reaffirms the importance of adhering to United Nations resolutions and principles regarding the Ukraine conflict, emphasizing peaceful diplomacy.

Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty

All states must respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations, refraining from threats or use of force. The use or threat of nuclear weapons is deemed unacceptable.

Geopolitical Impact on Economy

While acknowledging that the G-20 isn’t a forum for resolving geopolitical issues, the Declaration recognizes their potential economic repercussions.

Pro-Innovation Regulation

G20 nations commit to adopting a pro-innovation approach, considering AI risks to maximize its benefits.

Support for Ukraine

The Declaration appreciates the UN-brokered Istanbul Agreement and urges the continuous supply of essential goods to Ukraine for the benefit of developing countries.

Diplomacy and Peace

Emphasizing the importance of diplomacy, dialogue, and peaceful conflict resolution, G20 nations pledge united efforts to mitigate the global economic effects of war.

One Earth, One Family, One Future

In the spirit of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future,’ G-20 members aim to uphold the UN Charter’s principles for peaceful, friendly, and improved international relations.

Acknowledging India’s Success

G-20 leaders commend India for the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

Countering Terrorism

The Declaration unequivocally condemns all forms of terrorism, affirming that counter-terrorism measures, human rights protection, and victim support are complementary goals.

Investment in Developing Countries

G-20 members pledge to collaborate with the private sector to initiate action plans for investable projects in developing nations.

Significance of the Declaration

 A Historic Moment in India’s G-20 Presidency

The adoption of the New Delhi Leaders Summit Declaration marks a significant milestone during India’s G-20 presidency, particularly amidst escalating tensions and differing views on the Ukraine conflict. Prominent world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, participated in the G-20 leaders’ summit.

According to diplomatic sources, India faced challenges in achieving consensus on the Ukraine issue. Nevertheless, India’s G-20 Sherpa, Amitabh Kant, celebrated this success on social media, highlighting the historic and path-breaking nature of the G-20 declaration, which achieved 100% consensus on all developmental and geo-political issues.

Overcoming Geopolitical Hurdles

 A Strong Call for Peace and Prosperity

The new geopolitical paragraph within the Declaration is a resounding call for people, peace, and prosperity in the contemporary world. This reflects Prime Minister Modi’s leadership on the global stage. G-20 countries have come together to agree on a new text to describe the Ukraine conflict, overcoming previous disagreements.

Consensus in a Challenging Environment

Upholding the Principle of Consensus

G-20 operates under the principle of consensus, and the lack of agreement on the Ukraine issue had posed difficulties. Both Russia and China had initially supported two paragraphs in the Bali Declaration regarding the Ukraine conflict but later withdrew their support, creating challenges for India. Despite opposition from Russia and China, no consensus documents related to the Ukraine conflict were issued during major meetings under India’s G-20 chairmanship.

The adoption of the New Delhi Leaders Summit Declaration is a testament to India’s diplomacy and leadership on the global stage.

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