New Petrol Car Ban : Net Zero Policy Shift Boosts PM’s Poll Numbers

Net zero policy ban on the sale of new petrol cars

In a recent political development, the Prime Minister’s decision to postpone the Net Zero ban on the sale of new petrol cars has resulted in a significant boost to his standing in the polls. This move has not only narrowed the gap with the Labour Party but also garnered public support for the Conservative Party.

Positive Momentum for Tories

The latest polls indicate a noteworthy shift in public sentiment. The Labour Party’s lead has decreased from 24 percentage points to 16 points in just ten days, marking a substantial change in the political landscape. While there is still a substantial gap to overcome, the Conservative Party is finding solace in the rapid and substantial resurgence of Rishi Sunak’s popularity.

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According to a survey conducted by Deltapoll, Labour’s support has decreased by three points to 44%, while the Conservatives have gained five points, reaching 28%. The survey was conducted over the past weekend, immediately following Mr. Sunak’s decision to extend the Net Zero car deadline from 2030 to 2035..

Another poll conducted by Redfield & Wilton also reflects a decline in Labour’s lead, which dropped from 18 points to 15 points within a week. This poll suggests that nearly half of voters anticipate a Labour government in the next election, while almost a third believe the Tories have a chance of winning.

Rishi Sunak’s Rise in Approval

Accompanying this political shift, Rishi Sunak, who visited a breakfast club in Wormley, Herts, has experienced a surge in personal approval ratings. His rating has increased by seven points, reaching -14. Meanwhile, Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, maintains a lead with a +9 approval rating.

Experts attribute some of the changes in public sentiment to Sir Keir Starmer’s recent statements, where he expressed willingness to participate in Europe-wide asylum sharing and emphasized his commitment to not “diverge from the EU,” which some argue contradicts the essence of Brexit.

Tory MP Craig Mackinlay highlighted the “marked narrowing” of the gap, attributing it to the Conservative Party’s “realistic commitments on Net Zero.” He criticized Sir Keir’s policies, stating they are causing confusion and not resonating well with the public.

Former minister Brendan Clarke-Smith lauded the Prime Minister’s Net Zero decision, stating that it was well-received, and he criticized Sir Keir for inconsistent positions.

Tory vice-chairman Lee Anderson commented, “It comes as no surprise that the gap is narrowing after we announced policies that appeal to the public.” The political landscape continues to evolve in response to these significant policy shifts.

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