Nick Jonas Addresses Fan Behavior at Jonas Brothers’ California Concert

Stop Throwing Stuff Onstage!” – Nick Jonas Urges Fans

At a recent California concert, Nick Jonas had a message for fans attending the Jonas Brothers’ ‘Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour’ – it’s time to knock it off with the onstage antics.

The Ambitious Tour Concept

The Jonas Brothers are currently on tour with their ambitious concept, ‘Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour.’ The tour, which kicked off at the iconic Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, features songs spanning five different albums, including their most recent release, ‘The Album,’ along with hits like ‘Happiness Begins’ (2019) and ‘A Little Bit Longer’ (2008).

Nick Jonas, 30, shared his thoughts on the tour’s audacious concept: “In terms of building out five albums in one night, it was more ambitious than any show we’ve ever put on.” He added, “We didn’t fully comprehend it until after we put it on sale. When we look back, it’s amazing to see how we got here.”

Addressing a Dangerous Trend

During the Sacramento concert, as Nick was passionately performing their song “Rollercoaster,” fans began throwing what appeared to be bracelets onstage. While Nick initially attempted to catch a few, he then smiled, shook his head, and delivered a more serious message: “Stop.”

This incident is part of a concerning trend in the music industry, where fans have been throwing items at performers during their shows, posing a safety risk. Notably, Bebe Rexha faced a fan throwing a cell phone at her face in New York City (resulting in an arrest), and Harry Styles has also been hit multiple times during his tour.

Reflecting on Their Music Journey

Despite recent personal challenges, including Nick’s divorce from Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, 33, shared some light-hearted humor about the tour’s debut at Yankee Stadium: “We thought it would be easier to make it easy on ourselves.” However, he emphasized, “I think we put together a beautiful show for people to see.”

Nick Jonas also commented on the experience of revisiting their early songs with a more mature voice: “When we were making these albums, we made some vocals more gruff and grittier than they needed to be. Now that we’ve settled into our adult voices, it’s fun to sing them more maturely and thoughtfully.”

As the Jonas Brothers continue their ‘Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour,’ fans can expect a memorable journey through their music, with the hope that concertgoers will heed Nick’s message and keep the performances safe for everyone.

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