Scandal Unfolds: Wife of South Carolina Congressman Alleges Extramarital Affair and Divorce

Accusations and Divorce Filing Details

In a dramatic and unexpected twist, Melody Duncan, the wife of Rep. Jeff Duncan, a Republican Congressman from South Carolina, has initiated divorce proceedings. She has leveled serious allegations against her husband, including engaging in multiple extramarital affairs during their decades-long marriage. The divorce filing, which took place at the Laurens County courthouse, is sending shockwaves through political circles.

A Marriage of Over Three Decades in Turmoil

Melody and Jeff Duncan had been married since December 1988, but their enduring union is now on the brink of collapse. The divorce filing explicitly names Liz Williams as the woman Rep. Duncan is alleged to be involved with.

Admission of Guilt and Public Disclosure

The divorce complaint includes a startling revelation – Rep. Duncan has not only admitted to his extramarital relationship with Liz Williams to his wife but has also confessed to it in the presence of their sons and members of his staff. This revelation has stunned many, especially given that Rep. Duncan publicly praised Melody as a loving and supportive wife at a recent event called the “Faith and Freedom BBQ” on August 28. However, it is alleged that he promptly left for Liz Williams’ residence in the Washington D.C. area the next day, where he continues to stay.

Political Circles and Allegations of Hypocrisy

The divorce complaint goes further, suggesting that Rep. Duncan’s extramarital affairs are widely known within political circles, both in South Carolina and Washington D.C. It accuses the congressman of constructing a narrative of a loveless marriage with Melody to reconcile the stark contrast between his public statements and private actions.

Demands and Legal Course

Melody Duncan’s divorce filing includes a series of demands. She is seeking various forms of compensation, such as permanent and periodic alimony, sole possession and exclusive use of their marital residence, and their house in Montana. Additionally, she aims to hold Rep. Duncan solely responsible for outstanding debts and obligations, maintain health insurance for herself and their children, cover uncovered medical expenses, and have Rep. Duncan assume attorney’s costs and fees.

No Immediate Responses

As of now, there has been no immediate response from Melody Duncan’s legal representatives or Rep. Duncan’s office regarding the divorce filing. Rep. Jeff Duncan, who has represented South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District since 2011 and holds the position of chairman of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy, Climate, and Grid Security, is slated for re-election in 2024. This unfolding scandal is poised to have significant implications on his political career and personal life.

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