Shakira’s Tax Woes: €6.7 Million Accusation and Ongoing Legal Battles in Spain

International Music Sensation Faces Fiscal Controversies

Shakira’s Tax Charges in Spain: €6.7 Million Accusation

Spanish prosecutors have taken legal action against global music icon Shakira, alleging tax evasion related to her 2018 income, amounting to €6.7 million (£5.8 million). This is the latest episode in a series of fiscal disputes involving the Colombian singer within the Spanish jurisdiction.

Utilization of Offshore Company

The crux of the matter lies in Barcelona, where prosecutors assert that Shakira employed an offshore company based in a tax haven to circumvent her tax obligations. The charges were formally served to Shakira while she resides in Miami, adding an international dimension to the case.

Ongoing Legal Battle: Shakira’s €14.5 Million Tax Case

In addition to the recent tax charges, Shakira is scheduled to stand trial in Barcelona on November 20th in a distinct legal case. This particular case revolves around her residency status spanning from 2012 to 2014, during which prosecutors allege she neglected to remit €14.5 million in taxes.

Residency Dispute

Prosecutors in Barcelona maintain that during the period of 2012-2014, Shakira spent a significant portion of her time in Spain, justifying her tax liability within the country, despite her official residence being registered in the Bahamas.

The Spanish Tax Crackdown Continues

Shakira’s legal entanglements are part of a larger initiative by Spanish tax authorities, who have been rigorously pursuing cases of tax evasion, even when involving high-profile individuals. This includes prominent figures such as footballers Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, both of whom faced tax evasion charges but were spared prison sentences due to provisions allowing judges to waive sentences for first-time offenders for periods under two years.

As Shakira’s legal situation continues to develop, the lingering question remains: how will these cases ultimately affect her career and personal life? Stay tuned for updates on this evolving fiscal saga.

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