Dark Secrets Unearthed: Shocking Revelations After Overdose Tragedy at Niño Divino Daycare in the Bronx

Shocking Discovery at Niño Divino Daycare: Drug Distribution Unveiled

In a deeply unsettling turn of events, law enforcement officials have made a shocking revelation during their investigation into a tragic fentanyl overdose at the Niño Divino daycare center in the Bronx. This revelation has exposed a disturbing underbelly of alleged drug distribution operations that were operating within the walls of the daycare. This article dives into the unsettling findings and the legal aftermath that has followed.

The Unveiling of a Hidden Door

As part of their ongoing investigation, NYPD officers stumbled upon a concealed trap door within the daycare premises. This hidden compartment, found in a playroom, contained a cache of dangerous substances, including fentanyl, various narcotics, and drug paraphernalia. This startling discovery added a sinister layer to the ongoing probe.

The Divino Niño Daycare Conspiracy

Federal prosecutors have now unveiled a shocking conspiracy theory surrounding the Divino Niño Daycare Center. Grei Mendez, the daycare operator, and Carlisto Acevedo Brito, her cousin-in-law who rented a room within the facility, stand accused of orchestrating a fentanyl distribution operation from within the daycare’s confines.

Federal Complaint Details

Damian Williams, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, has expressed profound concern about the alleged activities within the daycare. He stated, “The disregard shown by Mendez and her co-conspirators for the lives of the children under her care is simply staggering.” Prosecutors have detailed how Mendez and Brito attempted to hastily cover up the drug operation, even as young children suffered from life-threatening drug exposure.

Desperate Measures and Cover-Up

When Mendez discovered that three toddlers had been exposed to fentanyl on September 15, she initially contacted her husband and another co-conspirator before dialing 911. Surveillance footage captured her husband hastily removing shopping bags from a back alley before the arrival of law enforcement. Furthermore, Mendez is accused of deleting a staggering 21,526 messages from an encrypted messaging app, including texts advising her husband to find a lawyer and indications that police were inquiring about him. As a result, her husband is now wanted by the NYPD for questioning.

Mendez’s Legal Defense

Mendez’s attorney, Andres Manuel Aranda, has stated that she had no knowledge of the drugs being stored within the daycare. Aranda expressed Mendez’s remorse and distress over the tragic incident, emphasizing her belief that the children, including herself, were victims. Mendez is currently facing serious charges and is being held without bail.

Tragic Consequences

The fentanyl exposure at the Divino Niño Daycare Center had dire consequences. First responders rushed to the scene on September 15, finding three children showing signs of fentanyl exposure. While a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old were saved after receiving Narcan, 1-year-old Nicholas Dominici tragically lost his life at the hospital. Another child, who had also been exposed to the potent drug, was taken to the hospital earlier that day.

Legal Ramifications

Mendez and Brito now face charges of conspiracy to distribute narcotics resulting in death and narcotics distribution resulting in death. Both individuals are currently held in custody without the possibility of bail.

Seeking Official Statements

Efforts to obtain comments from the NYPD and the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York are ongoing as this investigation unfolds.

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