Shooting at Morgan State University During Homecoming Event

Shooting Incident at Morgan State University’s Homecoming Coronation Shocks Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland – A tragic incident unfolded at Morgan State University during its homecoming coronation, resulting in at least five people being shot. Authorities have confirmed that the gunfire allegedly erupted through a dormitory window, leaving a community in shock.

Victims and Current Status

According to law enforcement officials, four men and one woman, aged between 18 and 22, are among the victims. Four of them are students of Morgan State University. Baltimore police have confirmed that the situation is no longer active, but Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott stated that the investigation is ongoing. As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting.

Ongoing Investigation

Lance Hatcher, the Morgan State University Police Chief, addressed reporters, stating, “We did not locate the suspect at this time.” It remains unclear whether the shooter has any ties to the university. Morgan State University lifted its on-campus shelter-in-place order shortly after 12:30 am, but an active investigation is still underway.

Eyewitness Accounts

Eyewitnesses reported multiple shooters firing into the crowd, but none have been apprehended or identified at this time. Police have been conducting door-to-door checks inside Thurgood Marshall Hall, the dormitory building where the shooting reportedly occurred.

Campus Response

Footage from the scene revealed SWAT teams checking individual rooms, with students reportedly on lockdown for hours. Baltimore police and school officials have requested that family members of students avoid the campus area and instead gather at the Safeway parking lot at 4401 Harford Road.

The Incident

Initial calls regarding the incident came in at approximately 9 pm, with dozens of emergency vehicles responding to the scene. Witnesses reported hearing glass shattering and gunfire in the parking lot of Thurgood Marshall Hall on the campus. Helicopters were dispatched to broadcast shelter-in-place instructions.

Footage from the scene depicted at least one window of a campus building pierced by bullet holes. It is unclear whether the shooting originated from within the building or was directed at the dorm.

Law Enforcement Response

Maryland State troopers, along with FBI and ATF officials, have arrived at the scene to assist in the investigation.

Morgan State University

Morgan State University is a historically Black university located in Baltimore, Maryland. The incident occurred during a special event where students, staff, and families had gathered to celebrate the annual crowning of Mister and Miss Morgan State University at the Murphy Fine Arts Center.

As this story continues to develop, stay informed about the latest updates on this tragic event.

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