Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Disclose Second Daughter’s Name Amidst Custody Battle

Delphine: The New Addition to the Family

In the midst of a high-profile divorce battle, renowned actress Sophie Turner and celebrated singer Joe Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers fame, have chosen to reveal the name of their second daughter. This revelation comes several months after their daughter’s birth in July 2022.

Custody Battle and Divorce Proceedings

Sophie Turner, aged 27, recently initiated legal proceedings against her estranged husband, Joe Jonas, aged 34. In her lawsuit, she alleged that he obstructed her from taking their daughters to the United Kingdom. In response, Joe Jonas contended that his actions were in accordance with a Florida Court order. This legal dispute has thrust their personal affairs into the public eye.

Custody Arrangements

In an effort to address the custody of their two daughters, Sophie and Joe have reached a temporary consent agreement. This agreement stipulates that the children will reside within the jurisdiction of New York’s Southern or Eastern Districts, encompassing areas such as New York City, the Hudson Valley, and Long Island. The primary goal is to provide stability and a sense of security for the children during the divorce process.

Protecting the Children’s Well-being

Sophie Turner’s attorney, Stephen Cullen, has emphasized the importance of the temporary consent order. It has been filed with the intention of safeguarding the well-being of the children involved. This measure is designed to prevent any potential removal or concealment of the children until the final resolution of the divorce petition.

Pending Court Approval

The proposed Interim Consent Order now awaits review and approval by Judge Katherine Polk Failla, who presides over the case. Legal proceedings continue as both parties work toward a resolution that takes into account the best interests of their children.

Joe Jonas’s Response

In response to Sophie’s claims, Joe Jonas’s representative has affirmed his desire for shared parenting arrangements that allow their children to be raised by both parents. Furthermore, he is open to the possibility of the children being raised in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Joe has categorically denied any accusations of “abducting” his own children, underlining his unwavering commitment to their well-being.

As Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas navigate the challenging waters of divorce and custody disputes, their personal and legal affairs remain under the scrutiny of the public eye.

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