Stranger Things : Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers gets his due in Season 5

Stranger Things season 5 will finally give a core character the respect he deserves after four seasons of focusing on the romance between Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard).

In Stranger Things, the cast of characters is largely comprised of kids, so it isn’t easy to tell a found family story. Stranger Things’ storylines always tried to include all of them equally, but some were inevitably left out. The series favored some characters over others, leaving one in particular out in the cold. Even though Will (Noah Schnapp) set the series on fire, he never seemed to be one of the main characters. After four seasons of quiet pain, the character is finally getting a storyline fans want to see in Stranger Things season 5.

According to Variety’s profile on Schnapp, Stranger Things producers have revealed some information about Will in the upcoming season. He won’t have to endure the drama of his two best friends’ romance in silence anymore.

The emotional arc for Will in 5 is what we feel will tie the series together, Ross Duffer explained. Will is accustomed to being the young, introverted one, the one who is being protected. He is also coming into his own as a young man, which is part of his journey, not just sexuality.”

Why this Stranger Things storyline is only happening now is what is most surprising about this admission. Of all the characters, Will is arguably the most interesting with the highest emotional stakes. When Will returned from the Upside Down following the first season, he had experienced significant trauma. It seemed like Stranger Things season 2 was the perfect opportunity to explore his past and his relationship with his friends. Despite having a grisly possession plot, Will didn’t play a big role. As the boys started fighting over Max (Sadie Sink), he became less important.

There were a lot of disappointing revelations in Stranger Things season 4. He pined after Mike, who – let’s face it doesn’t deserve someone as sensitive and heartfelt as Will in a typical story about someone coming to terms with their sexuality. The Duffers need to commit to Will if they are trustworthy and Will really will be the focus of the season. He can’t remain a victim for all these years. In spite of being pushed aside for so much time, he is the most emotionally mature Stranger Things character and deserves an arc that is worthy of the best Stranger Things character.

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