Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar Weigh In on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Divorce Drama

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Divorce: ‘The View’ Weighs In

In the world of celebrity news, the recent split of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has taken center stage, and “The View” hosts, Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar, didn’t shy away from expressing their opinions on the matter. This high-profile divorce between the “Game of Thrones” actress and the Jonas Brothers musician has brought to light a complex situation, particularly concerning their two young children.

Sophie Turner welcomed their first child, daughter Willa, into the world in July 2020, followed by the birth of their second daughter two years later.

Candid Commentary

“It’s ugly,” Behar stated candidly. “When you have kids and you’re going through a divorce, you need to be extremely cautious about your actions,” Joy cautioned. “These kids will carry the scars of this situation with them for a long time.”

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Sunny chimed in, expressing her concern, “It seems like they’re using the children as pawns in this ordeal,” and she went on to delve into the details of Turner’s custody petition to emphasize her point.

Divorce Filing and Custody Dispute

On September 4, Joe Jonas, 34, officially filed for divorce from Sophie Turner, citing the reason as the relationship being “irretrievably broken” after four years of marriage.

However, just three weeks later, Turner filed a lawsuit against Jonas, accusing him of preventing their two young daughters from returning to their “forever home” in England. The suit claimed, “The Father has prevented the children’s return to England, which is a breach of the Mother’s rights of custody under English law, England being the children’s habitual residence.”

Jonas responded to Turner’s claims with a statement, emphasizing his desire for shared parenting and the importance of considering the children’s American citizenship and their long-term residence in the U.S. He disputed Turner’s use of the term “abduction” and accused her of attempting to move the divorce proceedings to the UK, potentially removing the children from the U.S. permanently.

Media Scrutiny and Potential Implications

As the divorce saga unfolds, there has been significant media scrutiny. Hostin pointed out, “As soon as it was announced, there was kind of a slander campaign against Sophie Turner, someone who is an incredibly accomplished actress.” She highlighted the dangers of such public discourse, which can sometimes verge into mom-shaming or slut-shaming territory.

The situation has the potential to escalate into an international custody battle, further complicating matters for both Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

The divorce drama continues to captivate the public’s attention, leaving many to wonder about the ultimate resolution and its impact on the lives of all involved parties.

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