Terrifying XL Bully Attack: Husband and Wife Left Mauled and Mutilated

Shocking Account of an Unprovoked Dog Attack that Resulted in Gruesome Injuries"

Couple Attacked by XL Bully, Pet Dog Tragically Lost

In a terrifying incident that shocked a Dundee neighborhood, Gaynor Kerr, 47, and her husband George, 63, faced a brutal XL Bully attack that left them severely injured and their pet dog, Piglet, tragically put down.

Gaynor lost her thumb when Piglet unexpectedly snapped at her in their home. In a horrifying twist, she watched as the dog devoured her thumb. George, a former professional boxer, suffered 19 bite injuries when Piglet savaged him days later. Despite his desperate attempts to fend off the frenzied dog with over 30 punches, his efforts were in vain.

George’s recount of the attack is chilling: “I am a big lad and I must have punched her more than thirty times, but it didn’t have an impact on her. I really thought I was going to die.”

George faces months of recovery with 19 bite injuries on his right arm and multiple “rip” wounds on his left. His arm muscles were severely damaged, requiring surgery and leaving him in bandages and a cast. Both George and Gaynor are preparing for further surgeries.

In a traumatic turn of events, Piglet also attacked a friend of the couple, causing serious leg wounds that necessitated surgery. The relentless violence led to Piglet being euthanized.

George believes he might not have survived the ordeal if his son hadn’t intervened. He reflects, “Once we got her subdued, she calmed down really quickly, but I knew I was in a bad way.”

Despite their traumatic experience, George and Gaynor do not advocate for a blanket ban on the XL Bully breed, a move suggested by PM Rishi Sunak. They emphasize that not all dogs of this breed exhibit aggression, and incidents can occur unexpectedly.

The attack prompted authorities to intervene, with the police seizing the animal. The XL Bully ban proposed by PM Rishi Sunak aims to address a series of attacks by the breed, including fatal incidents. However, the ban’s specifics remain unclear, stirring debate on whether it’s the breed or irresponsible ownership that should be addressed.

This alarming incident adds to the ongoing discourse surrounding XL Bullies and their place in society, as the consequences of this terrifying attack continue to reverberate within the community.

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