Tragic Venice Tourist Bus Accident Claims Lives of 21, Including Children and Baby

At least 21 people, including two children and a baby, lost their lives in a devastating accident when a tourist bus veered off an overpass and plummeted 50 feet onto a train track in Venice.

Venice : Bus Explodes on Electrified Train Lines

The ill-fated coach landed on electrified train lines at the Mestre station, leading to a catastrophic explosion of the vehicle’s EV batteries, followed by a raging inferno. Venice Fire Chief Mauro Luongo, while commenting on the incident, stated that the exact cause of the crash remains unknown, but it is clear that “in the impact, the electric batteries of the bus caught fire.”

Describing the horrifying scene, he added, “The bus flipped upside down. The impact was terrible because it fell from over 10 meters (32 feet), landing next to railway tracks below. Among the difficulties was the fact that the bus was electric, so it had batteries. Unfortunately, they caught fire on impact. That’s why operations took a little longer to remove the vehicle.”

Speculation on the Driver’s Health

Speculation arises that the bus’s driver, Alberto Rizzotto, 40, from Treviso, who tragically perished in the accident, might have suffered a sudden illness, causing him to lose control of the bus. Veneto regional president Luca Zaia mentioned, “We presume the driver may have fallen ill,” suggesting that witness accounts and CCTV footage could provide additional insights.

Children Among the Victims

Heartbreakingly, three children, including a baby, are among the deceased, with another 18 individuals sustaining injuries, and up to five people reported missing. A four-year-old girl remains in critical condition and is receiving intensive care, while a 50-year-old woman suffered severe burns. Both the woman and the girl are Ukrainian nationals, and among the other 16 injured are Ukrainian, German, and French tourists.

Efforts to Recover the Victims

Dedicated emergency workers spent hours retrieving the bodies, laboring through the night on the charred remains of the vehicle, which was finally removed from the scene early the following morning.

Bus Rented by Tourists

The bus had been rented by a group of tourists who were camping in the nearby Marghera area. Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro expressed his grief, saying, “A huge tragedy struck our community this evening. The bus involved in the accident was going from Venice to Marghera, full of people returning home from work. It went completely off the road and flew off the bridge. I immediately declared the city to be in mourning, in memory of the numerous victims who were on the fallen bus. An apocalyptic scene, there are no words.” He added, “Several of the victims were foreigners, we found Ukrainian passports.”

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Minors on Board

A police spokesman revealed, “The bus was rented for its guests by Camping Jolly in Marghera. On board, at the time of the accident, there were tourists of various nationalities. Also with them were at least two minors.”

Impact on Railway Services

As a consequence of this horrific accident, the railway line between Mestre and Venice has been temporarily suspended. Passengers on a train further down the line were ordered to disembark due to a reported “fire,” only to learn later of the tragic crash while stranded miles away from their destination.

International Condolences

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni expressed her deepest condolences, stating, “I am in close contact with the mayor Luigi Brugnaro and with the minister Matteo Piantedosi for the news on this tragedy.” European Commission president Ursula Von der Leyen also conveyed her sympathies on Twitter, saying, “My deepest condolences to the families of the victims and those injured in the serious accident in Mestre. I am close to President Mattarella, President Meloni, and the mayor of Venice Brugnaro in this moment of profound pain.”

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