Travis Scott’s Civil Deposition Regarding Astroworld Tragedy

Astroworld festival :Lengthy Questioning Session

Rapper Travis Scott found himself at the center of a grueling civil deposition session lasting nearly eight hours on September 18, 2023, concerning the tragic events that unfolded at the 2021 Astroworld festival, as reported by The Associated Press.

Legal Scrutiny in Houston

This extensive deposition, conducted in Houston, Texas, is intricately tied to the numerous lawsuits arising from the crowd crush incident that tragically claimed the lives of 10 people and left hundreds injured. It marked the very first instance of Travis Scott facing extensive questioning by legal counsel in connection to the Astroworld tragedy.

Scott’s Legal Representative Responds

Ted Anastasiou, a representative for Travis Scott, framed the deposition as a routine legal procedure. He underscored recent developments, particularly the absence of criminal charges against Scott in relation to the Astroworld case. Anastasiou emphasized, “What is atypical is the continued media attention on him, despite being cleared of wrongdoing by exhaustive government investigations, including those conducted by the Houston Police Department.”

Scott’s Ongoing Commitments

Anastasiou went on to highlight Travis Scott’s unwavering cooperation with the legal process while maintaining his dedication to his ongoing tour in support of his record-breaking album, “Utopia,” and his philanthropic initiatives aimed at supporting at-risk communities.

Criminal Charges and Civil Lawsuits

In June, it was revealed that a Grand Jury had chosen not to pursue criminal charges against Travis Scott and other individuals involved in the organization of Astroworld. Additionally, Scott, Live Nation, its subsidiary Scoremore, and other implicated parties have reached settlements in certain civil lawsuits filed by the families of Astroworld victims.

Billions in Potential Damages

However, Travis Scott and others still face the looming possibility of substantial financial damages due to numerous civil claims alleging wrongful death, personal injury, and negligence. These claims have been consolidated into a comprehensive multi-district litigation case in Harris County. Despite the lawsuit’s high-profile nature, a gag order imposed by a Texas court in June has prohibited legal representatives from discussing various aspects of the case, including witnesses, testimonies, physical evidence, and any information that could potentially prejudice the trial.

Trial Date Set

The first trial connected to these lawsuits is presently scheduled to commence on May 6, 2024. Travis Scott and the other defendants have consistently maintained their innocence throughout the legal proceedings.

Upcoming Tour

Scott’s deposition occurred approximately one month prior to the launch of his first comprehensive tour since the Astroworld tragedy. The tour is set to kick off on October 11, 2023, in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will run through December 29, 2023, in Toronto. Notably, despite prior indications, the current tour itinerary does not include a performance in Travis Scott’s hometown of Houston.

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