US President's vehicle known as 

The Beast

Weapons and Defense Features

1.Smoke screens 2.Electric shock door handles, 3-Oil slick deployment, 4-Pump-action shotguns, 5-Rocket-powered grenades, 6-Tear gas grenades.

Multiple Identical Beasts

To confuse potential attackers, every presidential motorcade includes at least two identical Beasts with matching registration plates.

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Costly Research and Development

The Beast's development is costly. GM spent $15 million on research and development for Donald Trump's 2018 Beast. However, its estimated value is around $1.5 million.

Blood Supply and Oxygen

The Beast carries a supply of the president's blood type and has its own oxygen supply in case of emergencies.

Soundproof Interior

Due to its armored plating, almost no external sound enters the cabin. Microphones and speakers are used for communication. The president can even dispatch nuclear weapon codes from inside the Beast in an emergency.

Massive Motorcade Size

Choreographed Motorcade Operation

The motorcade is a highly coordinated operation. It includes various cars like the 'Route Car,' 'Pilot Car,' 'Sweepers,' 'Lead Car,' 'ID Car,' 'Roadrunner,' and specialized units for hazardous materials mitigation and defense.

Safety Precautions

Secret Service agents limit motorcade rides to 30 minutes or less for safety. For longer journeys, the president can opt for Marine One or Air Force One.

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